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We safely cater to all sizes of crane hoisting needs. 

BECCO Crane Service Inc.

is able to provide the necessary lifting machine with a certified operator for any job.


  • General Hoisting Services

  • Plant and Facility Maintenance

  • Glass Installation 

  • HVAC Installation

Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 6.17.47 AM.png
  • Steel Erection

  • Industrial Moving

  • Hot Tub & Swim Spa Moving

  • Motion Picture Industry Needs

  • Marine 

  • Recovery Work


2 years ago  *****

Dave Horobec and his son at BECCO Cranes did an awesome job helping us overcome every condo owners obstacle... Moving furniture into our 4th floor condo that would never fit through the building. A big open plan suite with tiny hallways and elevators meant we were at first glance facing the option of tiny couches, table, and chairs in our new home... a couple quick talks with Dave, some pictures and he scoped out our place and gave us the green light to go big with furniture!! Now, we have awesome furniture that we adore, and the cost from BECCO to help us with the lift was so reasonable that we were able to also lift a beautiful 9x8ft art shelving unit into the house that we found and loved but it was so ridiculously huge, we'd long ago passed it off. These guys were professional, fast, and did a tremendous, precise and controlled job squeezing each lift under the roof overhang and onto my glass enclosed patio. Dave had recently bought a new much smaller crane that I believe we were one of the first jobs it was used on. The perfect size for condo lifts, something that is seriously not offered enough in this city! I called a lot of companies and until talking with BECCO Cranes we were trying to figure out how to manage permits for a 60 ton crane scaring my strata council and neighbours. Dave's new crane was small enough to drive into the lane and setup in minutes, no fuss, and was done so quickly, the neighbours hardly had a chance to come see what was going on!

- Brad M


4 months ago

- Vanreelz V


3 years ago              *****

Fast, efficient, and safe - job well done!!!!


- M. Rollinns

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